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We are proud to treat patients from all over the world in our caring, professional, family-oriented clinic based in St John’s Wood, London NW8.

Over 97% of inpatients questioned rated our nursing staff as good or excellent for their courtesy, efficiency, care and responsiveness.

Stroke Patient Testimonials

Below is a selection of what our patients have said about us and our exemplary standards of care. If you would like to leave a comment about our service, please use the form at the bottom of the page:


“The staff are wonderful here – not just bringing you trays, handing you pills – they know their stuff. For example – Hema with her background in physiology. She doesn’t just know therapy, she understands how muscles work, she understands how bones work, she understands physical structure and she talks about it very knowledgeably.”

“Daphna my occupational therapist is extraordinary and she’s another who never lets you out of the hard work but she knows when you’ve gone as far as you can do. She has a good feel for when to push and when to step back a bit.”

“Keena was the one who taught me to walk. Every day she’s be in like clockwork. We’d go out in the hall and it was ‘left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot’. Once day I came out the bathroom and I didn’t realise I didn’t even have my stick! I give her credit for helping me be able to walk again without assistance. Thank you all.”

“Staff always knock before entering, give you a wave and say hello in the passing”

“I was extremely impressed with the physiotherapy. The first time I looked at a set of stairs, my physio Hema said, “We’re going to start you on those.” I thought there’s no way, she’s got to be joking because I couldn’t even lift my leg! But by the end I was going up and down the steps. At home I’m going up and down, it’s just wonderful, alternating up and down. So the rehab was absolutely beyond expectation: It was awesome.”

“The consistency of care is impressive. You can tell that the quality of nursing staff is very high. People are very knowledgeable, very disciplined and obviously well educated.”

“Hema is amazing! She’s affectionate and she actually cares. For all the staff-they never come across as condescending and tell you spot on what you are working on, how to do it, how you’re moving along. I think they hire really well educated people here and that makes a big difference”

“We think the world of this place.”

“I never had to be concerned about how well my wife was being looked after. It made it very easy to go take care of things at home, knowing that no matter who was on, no matter what time of day, her care was going to be foremost.”

Peter & His Daughter Christina

“At the end of October, beginning of November in, my father had a major stoke in both lobes, the next day he brain haemorrhage. For a few days it was very much touch and go but thankfully he pulled through.  He was drifting in and out of consciousness. He caught pneumonia and c-difficile.  As soon as he was stable enough to move out of Southampton General Hospital (about 3 weeks later) we transferred him to St. Andrew’s Ward at The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth.  He arrived by ambulance, paralysed on him right side, minimal movement on his left and speech was garbled.  He also could barely hold up his head and he had no balance.  The extent of his brain damage was not known.

Three months later he is now able to walk with an aid, speak clearly and eat on his own.  During his stay at St. Andrew’s Ward, I felt the team were always making sure he was well taken care of, whether medically or in his rehabilitation.  My father became more part of a family rather than a patient at a hospital.  This really had a major impact with his recovery.  During the whole time we were always kept up to date with by either Dr. Bathula, the nursing staff or the rehabilitation team.  For us as a family, we wanted to make sure that my father had the best opportunity for best possible recovery, whatever that was.   I really cannot express the gratitude I feel.  Everyone from the medical, rehab to care staff and catering team – they all showed so much compassion and support. When I would walk into the ward I never felt a sense of dread, it was more excitement as every visit my father showed such improvement, even though they were only days apart.  The day he was discharged was very emotional for both my father and for me.  We were excited that he was ready to go to a rehab facility as the last step before going home but we also knew that we were losing the family at St. Andrew’s Ward we had come to rely on so much.” 


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To ask a question, make an enquiry or book an appointment, contact our specialist team who are available between Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturday from 9am – 2pm. Our stroke unit team have a dedicated and caring approach and will seek to find you the earliest appointment possible with the correct specialist for your needs.

 If you are self-paying you don’t need a referral from your GP. You can simply refer yourself and book an appointment.

If you have medical insurance (e.g. Bupa, Axa PPP, Aviva), you will need to contact your insurer to get authorisation for any treatment and, in most cases, you will require a referral letter from your GP.

If you do not have a GP, then we have an in-house private GP practice that you can use. Alternatively we can suggest the most appropriate course of action for you to take, given your location and individual circumstance.

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